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Dead Horse

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Shadowkiller - 2005-08-01 12:29:51

Hunt for the Blue November:

I love the Green Man. All knowing but full of bad jokes. He is like an old man. In fact, he is a lot like my father except my father doesn't know quite as much as the Green Man XD.

And for the results of the final contest. Personally I thought all of them were pretty good so I depended on the voting quite a bit. Knowing that not everyone was being totally truthful, I also cheated the system and tried to spread my points a little. In the end Uruloki won with his absolutely horrendous story about the dead fish soup. It made me want to gag. Our runner up is SheDragon and in 3 weeks we will decide if Uruloki will stay or SheDragon will tell us more about Pubert the Pronweasel(I just made that up). Thank you all for playing.

In deep regret, I am afraid that one of the entries got lost in the mail. So for your entertainment, I shall bring it to you, even though it borderlines indecent... then again, its about that indecency. >_> <_<

So how many people are participating in the Knife of Dreams Hunt? There are so many nifty prizes. I want them ALL!!! Okay, now I needs sleepies.

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Shadowkiller - 2005-08-01 12:30:50

Malicious Intent:


Why is it that not being ashamed of one's nudity is considered to be disrespectful to oneself and to others?

The Human body is the most artistic expression of the Master's hand in the beauty of Creation. When the Almighty put pen to paper to design Human form, the purest artistry was wrought upon that page. Mimicking that day has been the goal of every artist since.

All the great masters of the Visual Arts have set brush to canvas and given us wonders to behold clothed in human flesh - unclothed flesh. To this day, those who wish to follow these Masters' footsteps are asked, nay, required to capture the human nude on paper. This practice is one of the very foundations of Visual Art. To those in this field, the Human form is an inspiration to capture with their pen, not an object of their lust.

Why is this not true for the rest of us? What is so wrong with our society that seeing an unclothed person is considered base and vile? Why should a naked woman be leered at and cat-called? Why should a nude man be jeered at?

...and cat-called?

You say nudity is offensive?

What is so offensive about my member that I must keep it hidden away behind chaffing denim and binding cotton? Is it so abhorrent to look upon that merely seeing it would bring pain to the observer? I think not. Oh, I will admit that it is funny looking, but no more than any other man's.

Perhaps the religious aspect of it?

But...weren't Adam and Eve running around the Garden covered by nothing more than sunshine? It wasn't until after they stole from the Tree of Knowledge that there was any problem with their dress -or lack thereof. God made us in His image; why would He want us to hide that Image.

It's a moral issue, is it?

You say that I am immoral for wanting to walk around nakers; I say you're a prude for not. Morals are defined by the way you are raised, yet some of us grow beyond those boundaries. Look at me (yes, i am wearing clothes; i'm in public, so don't worry about seeing anything...impressive.) for an example. My parents are major prudes, yet there are only two reasons I wear any clothes at all during the summer: the law and pockets (and, honestly, i don't really need the pockets.)

What?!? You say it's not natural?

*snicker, snicker, guffaw* Gimme a second here. *snort, titter, snort*

Children are born (at least mine was) wearing naught but their skin. Until they are taught that it is wrong - not merely taboo, but WRONG - to be so, nudity is their preferred state. Natural? Personally, I have never - NEVER - seen a deer wearing trousers and a sport coat.

Oh, nudity encourages perverts.

If nudity wasn't taboo, the perverts would be S.O.L. If seeing an unclad woman in a park was commonplace, that bared flesh would draw no more attention than denim or cotton which so restricts my?self. Nudity is not perverted; perverts ogle clothed women, too. I should know; I am a pervert. But that has nothing to do with nudity.

God made Man and Woman; they made clothes. I would much rather look at God's work than at what people do. Have you seen some of the CRAP at fashion shows?

Slowly, society is opening its mind to the lack of impropriety of nudity. One day, it will, hopefully, be okay to leave your pockets at home. So, if (God willing) I am still alive fifty years from now, smile at me when you see me at the park. The suit I will be wearing may have a few wrinkles, but I'll still enjoy wearing it. After all I got it as a birthday present.

...from God.


Uruloki - 2005-08-01 14:01:02


my first rant! i never did think id be able to win lol... i mean, i wanted to, but i was sure someone would pop up with some huge kickass pwnage story that would rip mine to pieces; i was (surprisingly) dissappointed on that regard.

neways, i did mention id have lots of ranting to go on about; so yeah... yesterday (monday) was my first day of university, im workin for a title on electric and telecommunications engineering, and if i still have any will at all left, once i finish... ill go ahead and study systems engineering (computer science)
i was expecting some real nasty welcome to classes joke from the teachers, and even if i didnt quite understand how, it wasnt all that bad, i DID get a few assignments already, a paper to turn in on wednesday, the warning of 2 big midterm group assignment and fat exams at the end of the trimester; but in fact... i had a surprisingly good time! met some really nice girls, including this asian girl (i got a thing for asian girls @_@ ) that struck me as hella nice, aside from really goodlooking; il probly have to wade around a sea of other pretenders to get to talk more than a few words of greetings... but i liked her =o!

neways, my sociology teacher...that was my first class on university, sociology- is no less than a lesbic feminist evil demon from the underworld, known for failing male students who protested of her feminist ways. the midterm paper is on women discrimination too....

oooh i sooooo sense trouble comming with that one..

my other teacher, academic orientation, i didnt meet... she was giving some assesment of a school somewhere on the easternmost coast of my tiny island, but didnt let her go to classes, no matter how tiny it infact, is... instead she was substitued by the most amazingly nice math teacher ive ever known, a motherly looking woman, somewhat passed her middle years wich laughs and likes to talk alot... now its only a matter of taking math class with her and im done for this trimester <3 it will have to be seen if i did get her as teacher.

oh well, ranting over... dentist time *hates goin to the dentist*