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Shadowkiller - 2005-08-03 22:15:34


And I am.

As you all probably know, I am taking part in the Internet Hunt for the Knife of Dreams book. Well Tuesday I was traveling from Montgomery Alabama to Anderson South Carolina. I figured out I could be in Atlanta at a wireless hotspot for the 3pm EST start time. 2pm I rolled into Atlanta and began my hunt for a hotspot. 2:10, I was in the left lane and there was a grey van in the lane to my right and a white truck parked on the side of the road to my left(keep in mind this was while moving). The girl driving the van decided she needed to make a left turn and began changing lanes...right into me. I sped up to attempt to get past her before she could hit me but to no avail. Nobody was injured and the cars only suffered some severe scratches, but the police took 2 hours to show up to the bloody scene. Meanwhile I managed to find a wireless hotspot at the place we pulled over to wait.

The girl couldn't have been older then 16 or 17 and her mom was in the car. Her mom did a lot of talking and stuff and I was trying to concentrate on waiting for the hunt while simultaneously hoping the police would show up, trying to ignore the mom, giving the roadside assistance people for the rental car company all the info they needed, and waiting for a phone call from my company. This meant that I read the question wrong, took about 4 times longer finding the answer and still took 3 trys to get the answer correct(due to misreading the question). 11 minutes was my time and it shoulda been about 2 minutes. This means that it will take me the entire contest to catch up if I beat every other person by one minute for the rest of the contest. Oh well, maybe I can win one of the weekly prizes.

Oh, guess what, 6 page preview of New Spring Comic Issue #2. Go check it out, it looks fantastic.

Congrats once again Uruloki.

Current Song: The Killers - Sombody Told Me

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Uruloki - 2005-08-04 13:39:28

well it couldnt be nice all the time could it?:

*bows* arigato, sk-san

*tosses 2 cents on forum polls*
have u ever noticed how on forum polls the "odd" answer always wins? I mean... sure, u can always try to reply the normal answers and give the poll a reason to be, picking yes, or no...or one of the others, now that were at it... but no, we must be original and vote for the sensless ones... we have the need to be original, and vote for the odd answer... just like everybody else; maybe this just means theres noone that's really original... except for the guys that voted no and too hard... wich is just silly; or maybe it just means im a tad too tired and dont find a point to giving the choice of making null votes.

neways, onwards to my life. *picking up after the last rant*
at the dentist i was given some preemptive treatment against a cavity, by making a bigger hole on my tooth and filling it up with.... watever detists pour there. of course, anestesia was needed, so i came out of that place with half my face numb. almost crashed like twice on my way home. once i get there, my father is waiting for me, to go along to the gym; this is by no means odd, since i go (or went) almost every day. over there, it couldnt have gotten worse; i played table tennis for about an hour (good, so far, except for the numb face, which i hated) and then decided to climb. theres a special wall for climbing there, so i start putting on the equipment and start climbing

not 5 meters from the ground my left shoulder gets messed up. bad. sooo i get down, and because im a stubborn idiot, did nothing about it. didnt do weightlifting that day -i wonder what would have happened if i did- but instead went to the static bikes group and hopped on ma bike. around this point the effects of the anestesia start wearing off, and i start feeling my tooth. i keep riding the bike, and then, on a fast rythm song (we pedal at the same beat of the music) one of my shoelaces gets stuck on the pedal and before i notice, my right foot is being choked by the shoelace, not only leaving me with a crapped out foot but with a broken tennis. at this point my mouth is throbbing, and i decided i definetly liked it numb more than in pain @_@

next day (wednesday) had to wake early because of college and spent the day there, doing my calculus homework (1 effing class and i already had 3 pages of exercises, a good 60 exercises to do, ranging from exponentials to radicals and such...basic stuff, but time consuming) but at least it wasnt all that bad, nice and easy day. went out that night too, for all th good it did, went to bed fairly early, at around 2; now if it had only been a weekend itd have been nice... early start again for college. thursdays are probavly the most boring days of th week; more calculus homework and every assignment were gonna get from spanish class on the trimester explained over and over to the point of exhaustion.

*sigh* and this is only the 4rth day.....

song: trippy shit, from infected mushroom; pwnage raves, but the complete songs are sooo hard to get a hold of @_@

Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver - 2005-08-05 05:11:25




Uruloki - 2005-08-05 15:27:07


*blinks back*

ello =)

im making myself a t-shirt that says "survived ma first university week"
class was fun today.... chess teacher is teh funnes, not likethe others who are all evil and such...

*goes sleep cuz is hella tired*


Shadowkiller - 2005-08-05 20:56:21


Im sorry, but I'll get to the comic tomorrow. Since I said I had some news about Burn I figure I'll share now. I called him and got a message from the phone company. It said his number had changed, and it gave me a new number. I called it and got an answering machine. The voice on the machine was female. I then checked the number vs. Canada 411 and found it was owned by someone whose name begins with the letter J. If you remember anything about BO's GF, her name was Janet. I believe BO has officially moved in with his GF. I also got an address to this GF.

Also,witsd relayed to me from SW that BO's mother contacted her after the London Bombings. According to her he is extremely busy, so busy she even has trouble getting ahold of him. Other then that he is quite well.

So I am pondering sending a care package, or maybe just a letter.

There is a nice print of Mat Vs. Couladin for sale. Only a limited number of copies, not even sure if there are any left. You can find info at