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78 Panels of Goodness

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Shadowkiller - 2005-08-14 01:15:40


The magic number today is 78. Thats right, today's comic has 78 panels. Took me pretty much the entire day to finish. Now Im gonna go sleep. Night.

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Shadowkiller - 2005-08-14 10:14:59


Alright, lets get a real rant in here. Yes, that is in fact the Overkill gif. It takes 25 frames of its own and not only that, I had to recolor each one as it is originally green. Then I had to copy and paste each into each frame of the comic as well as position it so it looked good. I believe I had to create 4 new poses for Burnout. One was his hands and knees position at the beginning, then a quick head mod changed to the screaming hands and knees. Then his totally fire encrusted body as well as the glowing one also required some work. Add to that the final scene where he is... dead? unconcious? laying down for sure. That was a combination of his layed back legs and his upright body turned 90 degrees and a recolor of Rands eyes closed head from WoTNow #91. Add all that to the fact that I recolored ALL of them to be blue flames and you might be able to see how it basically took me all day to do ;). Sleep felt good, lemme tell you.
Hrm, I'm rather disappointed that SW and witsd both have not ranted since I gave them the guilt trip. Apparently I am not as persuasive as I thought. I'll have to really get mean now. That of course means CAPTIAL LETTERS in my emails and IMs ;).
Gencon is one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world. But gaming is only the name on the front. They also support Sci Fi and Fantasy. You can get artists to create a dragon picture for you just how you want it. You can buy swords. You can have Klingons(from Star Trek) arrest your friends. And last but not least, you can play all sorts of games. Card games, board games, computer games, table top RPGs, everything. I truthfully don't know anyone who wouldnt enjoy some of it. And I am meeting one person who reads the comic there. I think I'll take him out to lunch ;).
As for Friday, it was horrid for traveling. I went to work in the morning to help my boss get some conveyors started. Every time I turned around he had disappeared and I had to wander around to find him. He always ended up back at the trailor which was on the other side of the lot. At 1:30, I got in my car and headed back to Atlanta. Traffic was bad, stop and go on a highway is never good. I got to the airport and went to drop off my rental car. 3 people in front of me, 2 being helped at the counter. Half an hour later there was 1 person in front of me and 2 being helped at the counter. I needed to take 1 minute to turn in the damage report for the accident I had, but it turned into an arduous procedure because they took forever at the stinking counters.
Moving on, I got my plane ticket and went through security. That was as expected. Got to the gate and waited. Boarding time came and went. They came over the intercom, the plane was going to be late. About 20 minutes late it pulled in, half an hour late it pulled out to the runway. We sat on the runway for another half an hour waiting for storms between us and Chicago to pass. Then, once we were in the air, we were forced to add an extra 400 miles to our 600 mile flight making the 1.5 hour flight a 2.25 hour flight. After that, the limo home was easy going but I didnt get home till 10pm when I shoulda been home at 8pm. I went out and drank with my buddies for a bit to relax and then crashed at around 2am. I was then woken at 8am by my younger brother looking for a ride to a friends house(he is in town from Colorado and thus has no car). I told him to get a ride, but it was too late for me, I was awake. Thus I began work on the comic.
That was my weekend, I hope you enjoyed it far more then I did ;). Time to do some laundry. Later peeps.
Current Song - R.E.M. - Man on the Moon

Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver - 2005-08-15 07:09:54


*blinks again*

Gah, can't we delete stuff? XD

Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver - 2005-08-15 07:13:35

Phink Pheesh!:

The computer in front of me is making the weirdest airy sound, like it's stuffed full of several industrial fans, all vying for attention. Or something. It's almost like company.

I know that interests you, and thus I share it.


I was walking to the library this morning, when I spotted something both delightful and absurd. Or maybe that was delightfully absurd. Or maybe absurdly delightful. Or simply absurd. Or perhaps just delightful.


Someone had hung a string of potatoes in their car, under the rearview mirror. I thought they were real, but then thought they would be so much more absurd if they were fake. I didn't go to look closely because I didn't want to know. I like not being certain whether or not they were's like a tiny knot of irresolution to give your mind some friction ^_^

The string they were strung on was frayed, but on the other hand it had the high gloss of nylon, its colour exaggerated to peroxide-blond. But maybe it really was that colour, and it was natural fibre that was...overexcited.

Okay, I'm entering the territory of the weird.


Yesterday, I discovered that I owned an alarming quantity of pink jewellery and accessories. More alarmingly, it is from my pre-pink days. Yet more alarmingly, none of it was acquired by self - in fact, going through the various accessories I owned, I found that pretty much all of it was from friends attempting to interest me in 'girly' pursuits, or from my mumsie, in similar attempt to get me interested in acessorising and
jewellerising. Since jewellery - particularly gold - is pretty important to South Asians, it is singularly baffling to everyone why I hate it, and they keep trying to convert me, bless their hearts.

So far, the only concession I'm happy to make is eyeliner. I like eyeliner. It makes me happy. It makes me feel kind of prettyish. Even that was a present. From my scarily-sophisticated just-thirteen sister.

Oh oh oh! Dangly earrings are lovely, too! They make you feel so elegant. ^_^

Glamour. Meh.


Currently reading: Girls in Pants! And also, 'In Your Dreams', by Tom Holt. Actually, also simultaneously reading Jewel and Thorn, by Richard Poole. Um, also simultaneously reading something else whose name I can't remember.

Oh, and not to mention, Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine, 3rd Ed., Halliwell and Gutteridge. Light bedtime reading. Not.


Hey Brandon, yo

It's not about you being persuasive or guilt-tripping :P

It's about -

a) Me not leading a particularly exciting life...I mean, it has its moments, but nothing worth inflicting on other people. Like...I just told them about a string of potatoes. That might not even be real potatoes. They were probably fake! Like me! I'm, like, the potato-fraudsteress, who uses 'like' like Jennifer Aniston, like, waaah!

Oh no, someone, please, kill me now.

b) Gah, exam. One more, and I have to revise for it. That means 'study for an exam,' my dear American friends.

c) Wow, someone has just started a somewhat jazzy performance outside. Being that I'm in my university library, this is simply odd. But kind of nice. In that rumba-ish kind of way. I think I shall have to leave soon, if only to witness it. And also to harbour secret desires to rumba rumba roooooooo!

Er. Yeah.

d) I'm vaguely impervious to being guilt-tripped. Unless I'm actually guilty, in which case I don't need to be tripped to feel it. XD XD

But look, I bored you with potatoes!

Oh, I like the double meaning that implies. I made holes in you with potatoes! YAY!



And Uruloki, hello, thank you for blinking back, it got rid of that nassssty tic. It also made you look, appropriately, like a fish- OH MY GAH I NEARLY FORGOT TO TELL ABOUT ZE PFISH!

My sister gave me a clay fish for my un-birthday. Actually, I think it is plaster, since it is white and plaster-coloured instead of any various shade of clay. It is a magnetic plaster/clay fish. It is called Feesh. Actually, it is more like 'pheesh'.

A few days ago, we acquired some NOO FEESHES. I have a little one. My brother won it at one of those fish-for-magnetic-fishies-and-we'll-give-you-a-rubbish-little-prize-since-no-one-ever-wins-the-big-prize, but he didn't want it. So he gave it to me. It was blue.

I wanted a pink one, so I went and changed it. So now I have a pink fish, which is lovelily sqvishy. He is very definitely a boy, also, in case you wondered. Even though he is pink.

At the moment, I have left him to look after a friend, since she needs him more than I do. I wanted to name him Fifi, before suddenly remembering he was a boy-fish, and boy-fish cannot be called Fifi.

What shall I call my pink boy-feesh?

Er....hi Uruloki! :D


Off to rumba now, kids!


witsd - 2005-08-15 17:33:27

Yeah, well...:

I'm a little drunk. Not very, but a little.

I'm sat in my front room with my girlfriend (the once present kiki from the forums) and my soon-to-be flatmate, Utopian.

Today, we found a house to live in for the next year (and beyond!?). Seems nice, and we'll be saving oodles of money compared with last year, by living with so many people... Most excellent.

Other than that, I have nothing.

Not even potatoes - real, fake or otherwise.

And yet, I'm still writing.

Aha, my other friend just returned from the kebab shop, with a burger. How exciting!

How long do I need to continue before SK won't shout at me for not writing?

Also, how long will I need to continue before he'll ask me to never write here again?

It really can't be much further, can it?

Of course, there's the possibility that this is exactly the kind of thing that he wants me to do... Gah!

So what do I do? Continue or stop?

Which way does he want me to go?

He's like a bloody Aes Sedai, without even doing anything!

I think maybe I should just run, but there appears to be a weird force compelling me to remain.

*Rolls six sixes*


OK. Best way to escape is a short, sharp break. Like pulling off a plaster, or something similar.

So. Any second now, I'll just go.

Just like that.

Or like this.


Shadowkiller - 2005-08-15 18:05:10


Im sick coughing sneezing and with a temperature. I think I'll hold off the next comic till tomorrow and build some suspense. Plus I want to give you all time to read what those who have posted late ;).


witsd - 2005-08-16 08:58:01


Flat fell through.
Return to Old Kent Road. Do not pass go. Do not collect £200.

Our second choice is still available, but it is our second choice...

Probably going to have another series of viewings on Wednesday, but talkings planned for later tonight.

Fingers crossed, as they say.


Shadowkiller - 2005-08-16 18:51:49

Still Sick:

Well, I hate to two in one it, but Im still feeling pretty bad and probably worse then yesterday. Yesterday I was mostly dizzy and very sneezy with a bit of a temperature. Today I am hoarse, runny nose, fever, stomach ache, headache and tired since I didnt get a good nights sleep. So here is how it will work, I'm not doing any new comics till I am better, but once I am, I will make it up by double comics until we are caught back up again. That sound good? Well I'm gonna go pass out or something and hope I am well tomorrow morning.


Uruloki - 2005-08-16 21:16:20

new guy's entry:

O wells, here?s the new guy =p terribly busy (as seems to be the common thing now?) but alive? and posting

And since I?m the new guy, * starts quoting random ?the new guy? movie stuff *

* Coughs *

yeah? neways, I have been busy? I?m always busy?. Always something else to do
* sighs *
I wonder what happened to the carelessness and the nothing-to-do-ness that were the main treats of my character?I?ve had an odd education at most: at first, I was a good boy. A reaaally good boy. Got the highest grades on school; always did my homework, and was overall, a GOOD boy! Only a few years back, me and my family moved to this small town? which didn?t have any schools? or at least none worth mentioning, so this person right here, was taking classes on his backyard with a personal teacher for 2 years, after which my mother (and a few other mothers with the same problem?) founded a school that was?well? worth mentioning. Over at that place I learned something VERY important: no matter how hard u worked, u would graduate in the same way ur less applied friends would: there?s very little difference in graduating from school with honors and not doing so; which proved to be totally true? over at ninth grade, we moved to the only big city on my country, the capital. the first city in America. The fourth largest capital of the continent, which happened to offer much better educational institutions; so I came here and?. Without studying, without ?reviSING for a test for my British friends ( ;) ) I passed (with honors * sighs * ) and I have the EXACT same chances of getting to the university I?m in now than the rest of my grade. Not that more than 6 did subscribe into that one, the chances of getting in are the same? the chances of being able to stay are slim. Heh, gratefully, that knack at not failing everything seems to have stuck through vacations (as short as they were) got a 5/5 on that math thing I was doing the other day <3333
But yeah? I better be doing good, after this first math I got 6 more, and I hear friends complaining that they have 4 maths over at one of the other 2 really big universities? and even a friend on the US claiming they have 3 (a friend who casually also reads the comic?hey frank XD )


* mumbles at how unfair some things are * (don?t get me wrong? im not asking for less math classes? im asking that everyone else has the same >=D!!! )

aside from university? there?s nothing that big going on with my life; im still struggling to get a damn job, and that asian girl on my class turned out to be totally dull, not to mention a blank head? cant stand blank heads. But then again, the only girl I did know that is the total opposite of a blank head and is also terribly good looking? well, she don?t even wanna talk to me lol, so I?m screwed on the girls front as well.

Life is kinda crappy right now?.

Hi shadoweaver (u CAN call me Loki? everyone can, for that matter XD )

Andd? get better SK!! AND DON?T BAIL ON US YET


id have so much less to do?. And I don?t think the viewers would all just go to the last strip to hear widst, sw, ?mad and me rant?

Sha'mad Conde

Sha'mad Conde - 2005-08-16 23:46:51

The Lure of Prophecy:

The Lure of Prophecy will be back soon... I once again have access to the story editor for it. I am going to be sorting a few things out, then will be posting story segments again. If you haven't read it, drop by the WoT Now? website and click on the story link, OR GO HERE. With any luck, I am going to try to finally post the end of chapter one at the beginning of the month.

The website never went down, but I didn't have access to the story editor for several months. It was rather frustrating, as it happened at about the same time that Burnout disappeared. I am not sure what brought the story editor back into function again, but I suspect that it was my computer's fault, since the editor came back right after I did a complete reformating and reinstall of the operating system. Further frustration... I wish I had done that MONTHS ago, now...

Anyway, if you haven't read it before, drop by and see what you think! I am glad to finally get going on the story again... and I hope everyone out there enjoys it, too.


Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver - 2005-08-17 06:03:29

Loki...low key? Tee hee!:


Okay ^_^

Well, Loki, my friend, it is revise. Not review.

Get it right. ^_^

Tee hee. My sister just made me read this to her. She said I was "so horrid!!!!" And then she asked me if anybody liked me here, and I said no. She said she wasn't surprised.

For the record, I have brushed my teeth and washed my face. Even if I am still wearing my nightie. I am also not picking my nose, thankyouverymuch.

I also had the most bizarre string of dreams last night/this morning, in between long bouts of not sleeping.

I know you want to know these tidbits about my life.



Uruloki - 2005-08-17 11:58:32

reviewing? 0=):

I don?t see any reviewing! Lies I say! Lies!

<3 editing possibilities <3333

Now, that no one likes ain't necessarily the truth; 'tis true that I barely know anyone here... but I have a thing for loon ppl... <3 loon ppl... randomness pwns, I strive to be a random master, but so far my main random tools are my stock of tuna fish on my pocket and a (I think) 3 month (4?) dead octopus tucked somewhere in my bag. Pathetic ain't I? I have knowledge of bigger random tools, but I'm afraid of them =o!!

Anyways... I found out about yet another contest... this time an asoiaf one.... and I can?t participate in it either. I?m seriously not happy.

As for today?s university.... I went early there today, we were taking some math classes early on... first big test on Friday and the teacher said he was gonna give us a helping hand before it...he had only this morning free, so we agreed on going today from 7 to 9 am.... the bastard bailed on us and left us all waiting, and now I?m sleepy because of him. *Hatred beaming off of him* it seems also chess class will definitely be the hardest class I got; or at least the one that?s assigning more work. Gotta analyze every move from both sides of a chess game, from selected games from Russian chess players whose names I cant be bothered to remember.

* Whines and runs away *


witsd - 2005-08-17 20:20:33

Housey housey:

Did more house-huntery today.
Saw more places, including one in the same block as the one we didn't quite get last time. More expensive, but much, much nicer. Even has a fancy 'wet room'. (A room that is actually a shower, with a drain in the floor).
We've made our offer, the landlord seems ok with us being five students, but for some reason he needs to speak to his sister first.

So we wait...

Going to phone people when I get up tomorrow, and try to find out if it's ours yet...

Dun-dun-dun!!! (<= Dramatic music)


Shadowkiller - 2005-08-18 17:12:48

Getting over it:

Well I said when I was better and I'm still not quite there. Friday we drive down to Campaign, IL, Saturday is Indianapolis for Gencon, then back home on Sunday. Instead, here is an optional thing for me. Next week I will have a full week of comics. Either that or doubles depending how I feel. I will catch up, that I will promise. I think I needed the break anyway. In the mean time, if anyone wanted to submit a Burnt Out, WoTNow, or just plain WoT fan comic, feel free to email it to me and I'll post it to keep the masses happy :). Easy way to get your name heard on the web ;).

I was also extremely happy to see EVERYONE who has a rant spot post. Personally I know my comic isn't bad, but I know many people who come just to see the rants. Wonderful wonderful :).

(Donut very, I lub ewe SW)


witsd - 2005-08-18 17:22:09


*Stabs the sister through her eye with a spoon*
*Repeats on the other eye, using an egg whisk*

Stupid prejudiced people!



Uruloki - 2005-08-18 19:58:31

on loki~:

Aye, Loki IS the Nordic trickster god? he also happens to be chained under a mountain with acid pouring into a wound, and when he gets angry and starts shifting around earthquakes happen. His daughter, hel, the ruler of the underworld, gathers the souls of the warriors (and everyone else for that matter) not allowed into the Valhalla to make ?em her minions and fight under the command of her father (along with the giants) against midgard, otherwise known as earth.
kinda good way to entice ppl to become warriors, gaining a place after death away from the underworld. XD (makes u think where the word ?helL ? came from, aye? ;) )

~~ Excuse any mistakes u find there, I?m not exactly very strong in the subject of Nordic mythology.

Me being called ?Loki? is totally unrelated to that though, my usual name on the internet being uruloki; - which is the race of the strongest dragons, on tolkien?s books ? has been usually broken into 2 pieces. Uru and loki. I used to be called ?uru? on pristontale (mmorpg) and then, once it went p2p, almost all my friends left so I quit too, even if I had arranged being able to stay after p2p. When that happened, I moved over to RO (ragnarok online? another mmorpg) where a friend from pt that had pulled me over to a certain private server suddenly stopped calling me ?uru? and started the ?Loki?. It kinda struck, and everyone started calling me that. Cant say I don?t like it =p


Current Song: sailing in the sea of mushroom, from infected mushroom

Sha'mad Conde

Sha'mad Conde - 2005-08-22 00:11:07

down here:

You know, you have to scroll a long time to get down here to the bottom of the page... kinda feels like you are down in a deep cavern with the sounds of dripping water echoing from the darkness. Standing ankle-deep in fetid, stagnant water that feeds the slimy lichens and mosses that dwell in this subterranean chasm.

...I wonder what else lurks down here?


...My torch just went out.




...I think something just crawled across my foot.



witsd - 2005-08-22 19:34:11


Has anyone seen my 12-foot, killer centipede?

I left the cellar door open, and I think it may have crawled down there...

PS: Found good flat, need to phone in the morning before another group of people to ensure we get it. Fingers crossed.