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Shadowkiller - 2006-11-01 17:58:30

First thing is first, my sister is pregnant again and she found out the sex of the baby today. I'm going to have another nephew!!! YAY!!! Now, on with the show.

So I talked with my boss Tuesday and mentioned I didn't have a car. He was surprised and asked why I drove up with one of my coworkers instead of getting my own car and driving myself. I had heard that the project manager is a real stickler for money and so I had just come up hoping transportation would already be taken care of. It wasn't and so I spoke with my boss about it. I get off the phone with him. An hour or so later, one of the other guys here in Canada comes to me and says I must have some friends in the office because someone is trying to get me a car and an apartment. Apartment? I figured I would only be up here for a few weeks, maybe a month or two tops. An apartment would mean somewhere closer to 6+ months. Ugh, so much for wedding planning and conversion meetings.

Of course I have to tell the fiancee and she doesn't take it well. I don't like the fact that I basically won't be home for the next 6 months and she likes it even less(if thats possible). Combine that with the fact that the project manager here is a stickler for money and its likely he won't pay for me to return home every two weeks and won't pay overtime and that seals the deal. Paula, I love her to death, starts crying because of the grim outlook of the next 6+ months. She asks me, before heading out to class, if I could put my resume out and just see what is available. So I do.

I went to and put out a brand new resume since my old one as so outdated. I searched for a little bit, tried to see what was out there and the prospects weren't that good. Fast forward to today(Wednesday). One of the guys here walks up to me and hands me a sticky note. He says the guy on the note called with a possible job opportunity. I have to note that this guy isn't my secretary or anything. After I lost my old work phone, I never got a new one. This guy happened to get my old phone number and now occasionally recieves phone calls for me. That said, I was happy, not even 24 hours go by and I already have a phone call.

So I call the guy up and he has something in the Rockford area. Thats perfect. He wants me to send him a Word resume and he'll see what he can do for me. Great, I go back to work. A couple hours later, another phone call. Another guy saw my resume and was wondering if I was interested in a job opening in Milwaukee. Sweet, two in one day! The day closed out at that and now I sit in front of my computer getting ready to write up a resume. My old one needs serious updating so I figure I'll just start over. Seems I might be employed by someone new sometime soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me :).