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House Training

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Shadowkiller - 2006-11-19 22:29:51

Short and Sweet:

I posted a lot last comic, let the others write something. Remember to housetrain your pets folks. These words of wisdom brought to you by Trio Inc.

Ooh, BO posted yesterday. I currently have my personal car up here that way if I get a good offer or something, I can just leave. Thats why there is such an issue with my cars brakes going.

As for TG, I like his story, its a neat idea. I don't mind the graphic scenes because it feels a little more real then RJ. Evil is just that much more evil. Its the repeated beatings in the head of it I dont like on that front.

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Sha'mad Conde

Sha'mad Conde - 2006-11-21 21:44:34

I'm a wild, wild, gamblin' man...:

I work in a casino. I see TONS of gambling, smoking and drinking alcohol, but I never personally smoke or drink, and almost never gamble. That being said, I was a wild man tonight:

I had a virgin bloody mary (extra olives, no ice, extra SPICY. Virgin as in no alcohol... I don't do well with alcohol. Alcohol very bad for 'Mad... puts me in the hospital VERY quickly.)
I gambled 5 whole dollars in a video poker machine, I cashed out 5.25 cents. Woo! 25 cent profit!

The drink WOULD have cost me $1.75, but I get one free drink per work shift that I rarely take advantage of, so that $1.75 drink was free. I tipped the bartender 2 dollars, though.

Tipped 2 dollars, walked away with a "free 1.75 drink" and 25 cents ahead. Thus, I came out exactly even.

I am just the epitome of wild.

Fear me.