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Shadowkiller - 2007-01-16 20:18:17

New apartment!:

Alright, so trying to get the entire website set up. Working on getting COTD back up to snuff and everything. I changed out the webserver, the shoutbox and the counter so now if you are still having pop-ups, its your own freakin problem. Last, I put up a new vote. Feel free to vote as you please. Consider it a social experiment.

So as for apartments. We ended up going with the second one. The lady from the first place never sent us the application so we just moved on. Problem was, we moved on too late. We lost the apartment. Someone else made their decision earlier and we missed out. So we went looking again and we happened to find the exact same place like 4 apartments down the row so we grabbed it up as fast as we could and now we've signed a lease! Everyone shout hurrah!

I'm going to try catching up by posting doubles till I get caught up with BO again. As he was, he was only 4 ahead. This brings it to 2, but if he posts a new comic, it will bring it back to 3. Anyway, busy busy busy, leter peeps.

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Sha'mad Conde

Sha'mad Conde - 2007-01-17 11:48:13


OK, I will be the first to admit I have no idea who your poll is about. Emma? Becca? Give me some reference here, man... Is this a TV show you are talking about? If so, which one?

If they are TV actresses, I vote for Jennifer Morrison, on House. She gets my vote.


Shadowkiller - 2007-01-17 21:50:37

No Noose is Good News:

Pick who you think is hottested based upon names. Like I said, consider it a social experiment. There are no actresses amongst them.