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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-15 17:48:30

Philosophy Time With SK:

Alright, I figure I should bring another philosophical moment down upon the greatest community in the world.

I was just thinking the other day about emotion. I had my kitty in my lap and I was scratching right behind his ear, just the place he likes it, and I tried to figure out what exactly he was thinking. He likes me, but is it on an emotional level or is it just because he likes the ear scratching. Does he want companionship or a belly rub. And while I believe he is fond of me and that now that he is at my sisters house, that he will miss me, I also believe me that no emotion he could ever have would be nearly as strong as what I have the ability to feel. That, while he thinks, emotion is what seperates men from beasts. And thus said, I shall continue.

What is emotion? I mean I know how it feels, but what does it amount to? Lets try to take a scientific look at it. Emotion is probably just a chemical released within our bodies during some situation that gives us a feeling of love, or jealousy, or hate, or anything really. The situation could be seeing the person whom you love, or it could be merely thinking about how long its been since you had a companion. Anything and everything is a potential trigger for emotion. But that doesnt say anything about how it makes you really feel.

What do you truely feel? Your heart begins pounding faster and a ringing sets in in your ears. Adrenaline sets itself into your system and you feel a rush. Maybe it drops your stomach into your feet. Your blind rage drawing images of pain you could inflict. Your eyes lose periphrial vision and its like tunnel vision. Somehow your body could begin feeling pain. Pain so bad that it hurts worse then real pain. And whats worse, real pain doesnt make you cry, real pain can be destroyed with drugs. This pain is deep within. But every person reacts to emotion differently.

Thought always intrudes on emotion and how you truely react to a situation is based upon your personal reality. I know people who I dont think know how to love. Some of them have just never felt it because they dont want to. Life is tough enough without emotion. Guys are usually taught not to feel, grit your teeth, only girls cry. But I know others who have just been hurt so bad by loving that they dont ever want to do it again. Some people react out of rage, others dont. Some feel jealousy feircely, others refuse to feel it. Some people dont know the true meaning of emotion and others only know emotion. Emotion seems to share a level alongside thought and yet they are so different.

So what does it truely come down to? True logical thought is almost exactl opposite of emotion. Emotion usually defies thought entirely. How does one know which is the better thing to follow? In this world of pain and sin, perhaps thought is what we need and no emotion. Or perhaps it is the lack of emotion that causes the pain. Who knows really?

Out of all this, I do know what I feel. Out of all the men in the world, I am a more emotional one. When I get to know someone, and then they tell me something that I had assumed to be different, it hurts. I cry sometimes because I am lonely and its been over a year since I had anyone whatsoever. I never learned how to handle emotion because I am a man, Im not supposed to feel. Crying is for girls. I am also one of the more intelligent people I know. I know people smarter then me, but that is because I usually hang out with smart people. I know plenty of people who dont have the education I have, who usually dont want it either. I am egotistical, but I see that as fact. I got told plenty often in test and stuff when I was young that I am in the 99th percentile of the US. They tell me I am smart, I repeat what they said.

In the end, I dont know anything about this. I think scientific study needs to look into emotion because it is a large part of all our lives whether we ignore it entirely or live upon it. I also think that the final thought is upon you, and that is why this was Philosophy Time With SK. Thanks for your time :).

Alright and on with the show. There are two other people who I want to post here but I think I need to poke them quite a bit to get them to say anything. Well see. Oh yeah, as for the ego, I think I need my ego stroked abit because it used to be stepped on a lot when I was young and a nerd ;). STROKE MY EGO!!! (Heh, forgive me, thinking hundreds of people read my comic goes right to my head ;)) Later! :)

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witsd - 2005-05-16 09:20:05


I don(apostrophe)t have anything to say about emotion.

If you want me to tell you about essays and deadlines and stress, I can do so easily enough though.

Soooooo. Yeah. Posted. Stop poking me already.


Shadowkiller - 2005-05-16 10:46:41

One down One to Go:

Alright, nice to see you witsd, glad you could make an appearance. Two reasons behind poking you into posting. Number one, I wanted to make sure you could. Number two, I wanted to make sure your avatar worked and apparently it doesnt. Searching around the webserver a little, I couldnt locate it but I am also feeling around in the dark since I removed the directory feature from the website. When I go home for lunch I will find it and make sure it functions properly.
As for emotion? You dont have to say anything, thats why its philosophy time. Merely ment to make you think ;P.

Now to kick SW till she returns from studying...reviewing I believe is the UK equiv, and posts. WEEE, fun times for all.
List of TO DOs:
Rotating Banner at the top of the website
Comment box along the right edge of the website
PHP page for Mad to continue his story on
Picture Galary
Figure out how to make the posts here list in chronological order

Everyone say HI witsd! HI wITSD!
(he doesnt like the first letter of his name capitalized :P)

Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver - 2005-05-16 16:37:41



(I obviously had to start with a word of wisdom)

Note: Brandon is too lazy to poke me, and so indulges in intention. :P

You know, I wrote here this morning. I made a comment about emotions and apostrophes. I forgot to remove said apostrophes, and thus, all I had written had gotten swallowed by the fantastical abyss of, um,, stuff. So then I groaneded and couldnt be bothered to reproduce it - because that soon after a loss, all I am capable of is weak duplication. Uh, yeah. Anyway.

I would like to point out that I know exactly where apostrophes belong, but they won-apostrophe-t work here. The wayward grammanammanettes are on compassionate leave.

Oh yeah, emotions :P

Sometimes, I think - yes yes, rare, I know - that we are better off going with the black box approach - you know, it happens, and shouldnt be overanalysed, because it can so easily be reduced to meaningless fragments, much like reducing a slice of bread to an aggregate of amino acids, in that in trying to get to the bottom of it, to the elemental level, it stops being a slice of bread. Mm. Not that that stops me trying.

Oh, and...revising. We call it revision. Not reviewing. :P

I-APOSTROPHE-m revising for my pseudo-last exam, and am therefore not here. >_>

Incidentally, there is a coffeshop on the Strand (London, WC2), called Apostrophe. It has been alleged that the best hot chocolate in the world...well, in London, found there. Can anyone confirm these reports?

More importantly, will someone buy me one?

Oh by the you like my flutterby? I am completely in luff wif him. He is luffly. And mine! All miney! YAY!


Hello wITSD! ^_^


Shadowkiller - 2005-05-16 16:42:53


Yay, glad to see you posted. I went to the forums for this template and the dude told me there was a way to bypass the cratacular apostrophyness. He said if you put a back slash before the apostrophy, it shall work. Well that and his next update will overcome the problem. Lemme try '. WEEEEEEEE!!!! Note: Back Slash is not this one /. It will not print a backslash so dont even try writing it :P.


witsd - 2005-05-17 21:00:18


*Tests stuff*
` '


Ok it seems that the other apostrophe, the ` one works just fine without the backslash.
Also worth noting is that if you edit a post, the backslashes are lost, probably meaning that a resubmissal without putting them back in won`t work.

I hope that helps.