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Mmmm... Saldean Farmgirls

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Shadowkiller - 2005-05-24 22:24:17


Ugh, I just wrote a really long post and then messed up and put in an apostrophy without the backslash and forgot to copy it before adding the comic thus losing it all. Oh well, I've learned how to do crap repeatedly in my job, so this is nothing new. On to the posting.

To start with, I really liked this comic, it felt like it flowed very well. If you don't know about Saldean Farmgirls, you'll have to go looking in the WotNow Archives I believe comics 36 and 37 mention it, I couldnt find it elsewhere quickly. As for the Perrin Egwene thing and cheese, thats my fault as I don't feel like looking it up right.

In other news, I am an uncle, YAY!!! My sister had the kid, Damien I believe his name is, at about 1pm yesterday. He is 7 pounds 6 ounces just like I was. That and my buddy Darknight and I are totally gonna steal our nephews and subjugate them into Dungeans and Dragons. They will be nerds yet! I giggle because my brother-in-law would just hate that.

In my news, I'm back in Alabama. They brought me back down here to do some more crap, blah. Oh, I found out that a bunch of my friends were kinda pissed that, after complaining so long about not having a job, I come home and bitch and moan about everything and still make more money then them. Number one, I really actually like my job. I don't mean to bitch and moan, but it lets off some steam for me and I like to think that my friends are there to listen to me just as I try to be open to listen to them. Thats why I complain to you guys, cause you listen and keep returning :D. No, I'm just playin. There was a number two but I totally forgot it. Oh well, on with the show!