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Shadowkiller - 2005-08-08 19:15:19


One epic battle, coming up!

I'm a bit tired and I've attempted to guilt the others into talking so I'm gonna let them have a go at it. If you don't get a semblance of a good rant by one of them today then its their fault. RAR!!!

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Sha'mad Conde

Sha'mad Conde - 2005-08-09 02:44:53

GTA made me do it:

SK hasn't talked to me in at least a week or more, so his threats to guilt people into posting don't apply to me.

There has been a lot of fit hitting the shan lately regarding the "Hot Coffee" mod in GTA: San Andreas. Personally, I think it is a load of dingo kidneys. You have a extremely violent game where you can beat people to death, run them over, shoot them, stab them, blow them up, burn them to a crisp, drown them, and more; and NOW people are getting upset because you can have sex with your girlfriends if you download a modification to the game?

People are getting way too excited and upset about this. If you don't want kids playing the game, then why can't parents be responsible for their own children and determine what they can and can't play instead of having the government do it for them? I enjoy the game, but I am also a grown man and can distinguish reality from video games.

Yes, GTA San Andreas is a game that is not meant for children. Parents, do your job and police what your kids do, instead of having the government do it for you. Don't ruin it for the rest of us because you are too lazy and can't be bothered to monitor what little Timmy is playing.



Shadowkiller - 2005-08-09 05:36:38


I expect no less from a country founded by Puritans ;).


Uruloki - 2005-08-09 20:57:29

aye, im here im here:

San Andreas is fun.... I can?t play it at home, since I kind of ripped my ps2 open on a vague attempt of fixing (it actually worked for a few hours!) but yeah; played it at friends. Didn?t know the patch existed. And I couldn?t care less, I grew bored of the game after a while: if I am to kill ppl I rather do it on my own mmorpgic way. Arrows are always good, swords are better. But then again, I don?t think on my little island it would matter in the least, there?s a pretty damn large amount of laws being broken over here; should *someone* plead for people to correct ppl having sex on a platform game, that would be the end of the public institutions credibility... how ironical XD.

Yes, I missed a few comics to rant on... yes, I'm not happy bout it; but I?ve been busy with university...toooo damn busy with university, and when I get home I either do homework (which usually isn?t little) or play this new game I dled... flyff its called; kind of bad, but it kills time while I find something else to do, and of course, I gotta burn out the addiction. Today though, I took a day off... no playing, and no homework (which means tomorrow the homework will double... bugger... gratefully tomorrow I got only 1 class ^_^) instead I decided to lay around in ma bed... read a bit of the dragon reborn; which I started again to have it fresh for kod. Yays <3!

I think I should have gone for reading asoiaf again and have THAT one fresh up for affc... ohhh that book... damn thing, I preordered on January 2 years ago on Amazon, where it said "RELEASE DATE: MAY 2003?.

yeah... yo momma, bish.

And now the damn guy comes up with the cutting of the book with only the chars on westeros?! CMON! PRUDUCTION NIGHTMARE?! The BIBLE is like 3k pages long and no one has a problem with printing THAT!

Or for those too religious to see the truth... Tolstoy?s journals I think are even LONGER than the bible and there are like 9 million editions on the libraries! And those are just 2 examples.... bugger that production nightmare. I hope I ain't totally wasting the 20 damn bucks the hardcover edition costs.... but meh.... I suppose I should thank SOMETHING is coming out of the printing machines, the guy has only made us wait as long as Jordan usually does with his books...
*Sigh* o well....
Time for me to tune off.

PS: sw, tell me if this is at least a bit true. Id like to know if that kind of absurdity takes place on other places... sides, its a good laugh u get from it =p
(I don?t know how to make links say whatever I like... I blow at Internet related stuff)

PSS: another gollum answer... and it ain?t winning! I think we?re watching a breakthrough on forum polls! Were making history!