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The Mistake

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Shadowkiller - 2005-08-10 17:40:02


You know its really hard doing fight scenes with sprites so you'll have to just imagine. I tried to make it sound like I imagined it would. I hope you all have good imaginations. Uh oh... >_> <_<

Ill be going to Gencon next week Saturday. Anyone else gonna be there? I know I asked this once about a year ago and got no response. I guess you readers are too far spread across the world. Well I guess we'll see.

Not much to say this week I guess, just cruzin along. Later peeps

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Shadowkiller - 2005-08-12 21:49:35

Teh Comic:

Yeah, the next comic I really want to be able to put some time into. As I just got home and its 10pm, tonight does not contain that time. Thus, I shall do it tomorrow since I have nothing else to do. Bis Dann


Uruloki - 2005-08-13 14:41:55


Watch out world! I just celebrated my 2 weeks in university <3 its been eventful? its been nice? its been?. Incredibly effing hard <_<
Dumb trimester system is getting on my nerves? everything is taught rushing over it, not giving it a seconds thought? ESPECIALLY math classes? that dumb teacher, just yesterday I had the joy of doing over 50 exercises for a meager 5 points?and yet another warning of the midterm? I'm considering joining this math club in order to catch up on ma classes; now I notice that school math was annoyingly insufficient?. Yet less time for myself T_T o well? thankfully I'm doing fine on my other classes. I hope it stays that way @_@

I sense trouble though, what would u do if power went out with a paper due to the next day? Whine a lot? complain a lot? and bang your head on the keyboard. All are possible, and all (but the last) I did 2 days ago as I was starting my (none other) chess work? an essay on the rules of chess. I?m really regretting picking that elective; its all fun and stuff. I like chess, but its tooo much work damit! Too late to back off though? I want summa cum laude and I wont have it if I take out a subject after starting it <3

That?s all the Loki u get today folks, go read ur wot and go buy ur posters and go do ur damn contest which I cant participate on because its only for North America <_<;;;;;
* annoyed *

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