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Archnemeses, here we come

My Daily Comics:

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Shadowkiller - 2005-06-06 19:02:20


Well, as I said, here is a double comic. We see a little of the villian talk of why he is doing something and the hero escaping just in time... Okay, I thought the jokes were funny, now you need to laugh too :D.

*sigh* I want to take a very specific vacation to visit a very specific friend of mine. Unfortunately she still lives at home and thus is subject to her parents authority. My only chance is to convince her mother that it should be alright even though her mother has no idea who I am. I very much hope she understands and is swayed by my email.

Ra ra sis boom ba, lets get SW to post again HA!!!

Okay so Im a bad cheerleader. Gimme a break, Im a guy. Later.

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Shadowkiller - 2005-06-07 09:38:48

Weird Morning:

I have just had the oddest of mornings. Lets start off with last night before I went to bed. My computer was making noises that indicate to me that its been on too long so I turned it off to let it rest a while. I do this occasionally because it happens. Most times morning comes and its alright again. Okay, so I had no music to sleep to, why not watch TV, so I left the TV on all night. Thus I went to sleep.
The dreams come...
Me and my dad are at our apartment and some people come to the door selling the sleepmaster bed things that are super awesome and align your back. I dont want one but they dont seem to stop trying to convince us we need it. It goes on and on and I am totally confused by their persistance.
I wake up, there are informercials on for the Sleepmaster bed thing. Thus my confusion is solved, so I turn off the TV and go back to sleep.
More dreams...
Again, my dad and I in the apartment. This time we have paparazzi spying on us and I begin doing things to try to chase them off. I try and I try and nothing seems to work, they always come back. Then, somehow, they stop coming and instead a really big guy busts into our apartment. I hear a beep and wake up.
I was my cell phone, probably a message waiting. Funny, I didnt hear the phone ring. I go back to sleep and the dream picks up where it left off.
It gets hazy at that point but he leaves after a bit and I sit down on the couch. Then another guy busts in, not as big as the first but has an extremely large gut, is very very stupid, and is intent on raping me. Lucky for me I am as strong as I am because I kick him off just as my dad brings food out to the table. This of course distracts the stupid guy and we sit down to eat, not letting the dumb guy eat until we say, just like you might do to a dog. Again, another beep.
I wake again, stupid phone. I look at my clock, 5:30, the alarm will go off at 6. Might as well see why its beeping. Go to check, look, new voicemail. Call my voicemail, new message as follows, "Hey Clayton, this is Brandon, give me a call back as soon as possible. Bye." I stop and look at my phone. My friend is Clayton, I am Brandon, and that sounded like my voice. I listen to the message again. Same thing. Now I am totally confused but maybe it will make sense if I work on it a bit, meanwhile might as well delete the message and hang up.
I go lay back down and think some. Okay, maybe I called myself. I get up and check the phone, no new calls recently. Check to see if I called myself or something of the sort. I made no calls. I check my other cell phone. No calls made to myself and I know the hotel room phone wont dial out. Now I am beyond confused and into frantically insane. I call my voicemail back, it acts like the recycle bin on Windows and throws away messages after a period of time. No new messages, to be expected, no messages to be deleted, unexpected. Usually it takes a day or two or three or a week for the message to be deleted. Now I start doubting myself, but I have proof I called my voicemail earlier so there must have been a message.
I shake my head because I am getting nowhere. My friend has a pay as you go plan where he buys minutes and then uses them but its through the same company as my phone. I may have left him a message a while back and he never got it because he hasnt gotten minutes recently and when it got rejected after like a month, it was returned to me and when I deleted it it was deleted right away. Sounds like a good explanation, lets move on. Turn on my computer, time to check email and stuff.
Okay, all comic isn't up. I search around and finally locate the autoupdater for my comic and aparently it malfuctioned this morning. The updater timed out while trying to talk to my webserver. Okay, so I manually update the comic. Check my email, nothing special, turn on Trillian, start my printer driver update, a noise is made. I stop. My computer doesnt make noises like that. It sounded like someone tried to start a message with me but it didnt get through(Note: The only noise my computer makes on its own is when a message is sent to me that opens a new messanger window allowing me to know when someone messages me in a game, but not so it will continue to bug me). The noise made was only part of the sound. Weird, I thought, but not the weirdest thing this morning. I check the forums, delete some emails, move the driver updater to its next position, clear an xml fault for trillian and the noise is made once more. I stop once more and check the driver updater. I watch it a while, no noise, it asks me to reboot, I cancel.
Strange, I think, and go to write an email to Clayton to tell him about the message. A different noise occurs. It must be trillian, but Ive got it so trillian should only make noises if there are IMs being passed my way. No IMs. I watch, someone signs off, a noise indicating their signoff occurs. What the hell, why is this happening. I check my preferences, cant find the sounds options to check my settings. Whatever, I think to myself, I'll just put up an away message. I stop, there are no away messages in my away message folder. WTF?!? It seems I lost all my preferences. Maybe my hard drive is getting bad clusters and something happened. I seemed to remember some XML error with Trillian, maybe that was the problem. Lets do a Chkdsk /R and recover bad clusters. First, to finish the email to Clayton.
Work phone rings. The skids are all messed up. Damn it, I call another person for more info. The skip skid code is running rampant in the system, come in now and fix it. Its bloody 6:20 and I was planning on being there at 8. I finish my email and take a shower, restart my computer, let chkdsk run, and hop in the car.
Now yesterday I fixed a minor problem with our Add/Remove skid code. I put in so many double and triple checks, I thought perhaps I would effect the performance of the code. Instead, it seems I didnt fix the problem, only changed it so it wrote the skip skid code when it shouldn't.
I got to work and immediately removed the entire Add/Remove skid routine from the Main Routine. No more problem... for now. I fixed the skip skid codes and left it at that. This morning has been so weird.


Shadowkiller - 2005-06-07 16:46:32

Bad day:

Well its been a pretty shitty day all around. To be expected after the morning I had. That and my friend's mother said no and I may have gotten her in trouble with the email I sent. I blame it on the cheese cause I probably shoulda known better. Hey, you out there, you know who you are. I don't know if you got in trouble due to my email but if you did, I am really sorry and I feel really shitty about it all. Get back to me soon, okay?
*sigh* Guess what I am getting at is that there is no way Im doing the comic today. Consider it the first day of my tuesday thursday saturday comic schedule. Later.