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Shadowkiller - 2005-06-10 22:37:46

Im not sure anymore:

Well, I had to do it. I just felt that the guards had something to say about it. Otherwise, nothing else to say about it :D.

It was kinda funny today. I was at the diner with a couple of my coworkers. Its a diner I go to daily and the coworkers go as well and they know us there. They interviewed a new waitress(small diner), and she was hot. We started being dicks and asking if she was the new meat and stuff. I was halfway between embarrassed and falling out of my chair laughing. The other waitresses just rolled their eyes at us, specifically at one of my coworkers. I was like, what, Im young and single, whats wrong with my being attracted to her. And the waitresses(who are like older and definitely not hot like this girl and whom I tip 50% because they are cool) were just like, "YOU? SINGLE!?! No way." It just amazed me because they thought I was so nice and good looking and stuff that there was no possible way for me to be single. Thats just my life I guess :P. Later :)

(Maybe a new dream or something :))

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Shadowkiller - 2005-06-11 06:59:54

dreaming again:

Right, so the first bit is a bit hazy. The one problem I find with hitting snooze on my alarm is that it breaks my dreams apart and its harder to remember the earlier bits later. Anyway...
I base through the door on what seems like a party. There was a line going up the stairs of what I assume was a school. I am in Germany. I see my friend talking to my boss. They split in different directions and I run up to my german friend and tell him that it was my boss he was just speaking to. He looks at me and says something in german, I look again and its not my friend, just someone who looks like my friend. I say Im sorry and turn to find my friends.
A bunch of them materialize and grab me and start pulling me up the stairs past the line. I seem confused because aparently they are cutting. Two cut in line about midpoint, the other two pull me towards the front, probably 7 or 8 people from it and step in. The other germans in line yell at us for cutting, I have no idea what they say so I pull back and it seems my friends are getting out of line. Some friends they are.
The line at the front goes right onto the dance floor and almost up to the DJ. Maybe its some sort of contest going on. I start walking back down the line and see that after coming into the room, it wraps around two sides of a square raised garden like area. The other sides are covered in dancers resting and stuff. One of these girls calls me over like she knows me and I wander over because in Germany there are a lot of people who know who I am.
I get there and these four hot girls are practically bouncing and then the one that called me over asks me to dance. We head around the garden area thing and onto the dance floor and dance. For some reason I do it with my eyes closed and we are bumping into people and stuff but we dont care. The song is over and she wanders back to her friends and my computer just happens to be sitting on a table by the edge of the dance floor. I wander over to it and pull up a webpage that basically asks for a girl to put in her telephone number.
I head back over to the girls by the garden thing and ask the one that danced with me to follow me and she does. We go back to my computer, I sit down and ask her in german to type her telephone number in. She sits on my lap and does so. It prints out, I pocket it, she is still sitting there but somehow she miraculously became topless.
I wrap my arms around her and cup her breasts in my hands, the nipples between my middle and ring fingers on both hands. BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!
Damn alarm.

One of my first experiences in Germany was much like this. While the last bits are totally my mind being like it is, they have something after Graduation called the Abiball. This is because their final test of Highschool is called the Abi. The Abiball is equivalent to Prom, cept there is no dressing up and just about everyone and their mothers is invited. Thus, I was there :). My exchange student I was with was off doing something and my friends were all over the place. Then this chick I dont know comes up to me and tells me she likes me and wants to dance. I am like okay but then she says hold on she needs to do something and wanders off. This happens several times with this girl. Eventually she returns with a straw heart on a stick. I was totally confused by it but apparently she stole it from someone down the street and now wanted me to have it. I laughed, took it and finally we went dancing. After that, she kinda disappeared and we lost touch. Because I went to germany several times after that, and because my town and school hosted exchange programs, I have seen her several times since that fateful night when I was but 17. It was never the same, but we smiled at eachother. I still have the straw heart at my apartment(and let me tell you, it aint small, flying it home was hard).