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Shadowkiller - 2005-06-15 20:09:29


Hrm, I just felt the need to make Loial, the nicest character in the books, a complete and total jackass. Felt good too. :)

*shrug* Dunno today, maybe someone else will feel up to telling us about their life.

*pokes SW and witsd*

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Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver - 2005-06-17 13:24:16


Okay, okay, I'm here kids! Or in the immortal words of our darling Swede, 'keep cool mah babys!' XD

Also, in the no less mortal words of Brandon (that's SK >_>), 'I dont care how much time you think you dont have or how exhausted you think you feel, I am more so and I make the comic three times a week.'

See the tyranny by which we are governed? *poke*

Um...okay. It was really hot hawt today. People were acting weirdly. Let's take my journey home, for example:

  • The woman standing next to me at the bus stop smelled of wee. I briefly wondered if it was me, but noticed that the smell waxed and waned relative to her proximity. Concluded it wasn't me.

  • I ended up sitting opposite two absurdly crisp-looking nuns, all in white, while feeling completely graceless and wilty, and immensely pained because of the heat, and dressed all in black (today of all days - I nearly never wear all-black). They looked terribly smug. I think I may have imagined the condescending look, though. But maybe I didn't. But nuns are supposed to be holy, right?

  • A few stops later, a couple got on the bus, and sat next to me. They engaged in things that should not be done on a bus, particularly in sweltering and overcrowded conditions, on the school run, with many a pre-adolescent gawping and giggling. They also kept making these vastly obscene little sucking noises. I mean....please. >_<

  • The giggling girls managed to tear their sweet wrappers all over me, sprinkling me with drifts of sour sugar before noticing my dirty/slightly incredulous look, which caused them to realise the destination of the errant sugar.

  • The bus stopped suddenly, and the gigglers fell all over me - gasping now. The up-side: one of them fell right in between the couple beside me. Hahahaha. Like, upon their joined faces. Hahahahaha. Hahahahaha! I didn't laugh. But I wanted to.

  • As we waited at another bus stop for a different bus, I saw three women. They were Somalian, first gen. They were completely 'integrated,' as some would call it, in their appearance. I think they looked completely assimilated. It made me sad. Is being Somalian so bad that they renounce every shred of it? Well, apart from the language, I suppose. But...why? What did they get for trading in their old identities? It's not so much national identity as...personal identity? I don't think, by any means, that national/cultural characteristics supercede all others, but I think it's certainly a component of one's entire self-concept. Dunno. Whatever it is, it was sad.
    What's the difference between integration and assimilation?

  • Bangladesh is still the most corrupt country in the world. I'm not sure if this is anything to do with the weather. XD

PS. I'm not bitter.

PPS. The heat doesn't agree with me. I feel like a fishwife. XD

afterthought: If I'm a fishwife, does that mean my husband is a fish?