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Shadowkiller - 2005-07-21 20:52:47

Mah day:

Yeah, I pondered doing the entire scene, but it just got too difficult to think of plus half the characters are off screen. Well that and this storyline has gone like 50 comics already and I'm sure you are getting as tired of it as I am. It's fun doing the story, but come on, how many comics stay on one storyline for 50 strips...especially this early in the strip :). Then again, it is WoT. How many authors write more then 600 pages with 10 full novels(soon to be 11) in the series?

Anyway, on with my day. After having trouble waking because I got to bed later then I should have(thus why I didn't do the comic or I would have been in bed even later), I got to work like 15 minutes late. I get to work and my boss still isn't there(he was supposed to show up Tuesday). One of my coworkers sends me and the new guy to go check out the Variable Frequency Drive and see how its different from the schematics. This thing was huge, 600hp. It was like an armoire of invincibility. Shortly after I got the first call.

Yes this entire week I have been thanking the lord for the site I've been at in Alabama not calling me. I left leaving last minute coding(a big nono) and much untested code. Thus far its been going quite well. But today it seemed to culminate in a blast of death! One guy suggested I go down there today, then another. Each call I got(which was probably half a dozen or more across the course of the day) I handled and fixed the problem. Got I logged into that computer so many states away so often I didnt know what to do.

Finally I think I found the root of the problem. At the same time the highest level guy besides my boss came to me and told me he needed me to go down to Alabama early. I'm supposed to go there Sunday but he wanted me down there 2 days early to handle the problems. The one big problem we have with the site is that they owe us some serious cash. So since I had conflicting interests, I called my boss. He said no, don't go and if anyone else tells me to go, tell them to talk to him. Thus the matter was settled.

I finished fixing the issues I was working on and headed home. Perhaps tomorrow will be better, perhaps not :).

Don't forget the contest peeps. It's looking good thus far and I'm hopeful for some last minute entries. For those of you whose entry never sees the light of day, don't feel bad, I've enjoyed them all thus far and I plan to get back to you all directly after the contest is over. Keep em coming, there is still plenty room to win and I'll probably ask you all for final vote. Later.

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Sha'mad Conde

Sha'mad Conde - 2005-07-22 05:51:09


I ended up getting a rather annoying virus today by accident from one of the other forumites. If you have me on your MSN messenger list, and you get a message from me that goes something like:

"This is sooooo cool"

and then sends a link, DON'T click on it. It is the virus. I have tried twice to contain and delete it, but have failed both times. I will be doing an Operating System reinstall tomorrow to get rid of it for good, but in the meantime, be warned. I wasn't at my computer when I got the virus, otherwise I might have been better able to deal with it before it got on my computer. I am going to remain offline from MSN messenger until it is fixed, using an alternative in the meantime.

I will send out an all clear when I am sure it is gone.

In other news, despite the virus, I am in a hell of a lot better mood than I was in the last time I posted. The plans that I had for Thursday didn't work out like I wanted, but other things happened that made it a good day despite that. Lots of fun...